Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2.65M Solar and Wind Energy Jobs in Nine Years

A Clean Edge report released today says that the wind and solar energy industries will be responsible for generating 2.65 million jobs globally in less than a decade. This expected number is about four and half times more than the current number of wind power and solar energy jobs which is approximately 600,000.

This positive predication is tempered by a less sunny short-term outlook, which predicts that renewable energy investments will plateau or even dip this year.

Chaos in the American economy is expected to seriously hamper what would’ve likely been massive, record-setting growth in the wind and solar power industries this year, but hopefully the rosey long-term outlook will keep the renewable energy jobs ball rolling at least somewhat.


Anonymous said...

If Sabah also implement the solar and wind energy, it could also create more job opportunities to the local unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Solar and Wind energy can create 2.65 million jobs globally, surely it can create a significant amount of opportunities in our own state.

Anonymous said...

Baguslah..peluang pekerjaan terbuka luas untuk mereka yang sedang mencari pekerjaan.

Batresiah said...

Solar and wing energy create more jobs..It good..

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