Friday, June 14, 2013

Tip of the Month – celebrate Father’s Day the non-toxic way

This year, consider buying your dad a gift that will have him looking and smelling great, and will be good for the planet. 

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Have you bought your dad a gift yet? Before you buy a boring, typical tie or coffee mug, consider purchasing a gift that will not only have your dad looking and smelling great, but will be good for the planet.

Here are some tips to help you buy non-toxic gifts for your dad this year:

Personal care products: Canadian men are using more personal care products than ever before. Last fall, we released our report The Manscape: The Dirt on Toxic Ingredients in Men’s Bodycare Productsin which we tested 17 commonly-used men’s personal care products for toxic chemicals. We found chemicals in these products that are linked to cancer, birth defects, sperm damage, obesity, asthma and other chronic health problems. These chemicals are also ending up in our rivers and lakes, harming wildlife.

While shopping for personal care products for your dad, be sure to take with you our Toxic Ten Personal Care Products Pocket Shopping Guide so you know which chemicals to look out for on product labels. Our Just Beautiful pledge companies also offer an array of toxic-free grooming gifts that your dad might like. Check out their websites to find out more about their current product offerings. 

Say no to cologne: cologne is a staple Father’s Day gift but you might want to think twice before purchasing a bottle for your dad. As we found in our report Not so Sexy: The Health Risks of Secret Chemicals in Fragrance, fragrances Canadians are using every day contain secret chemicals not listed on labels, multiple chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions or disrupt hormones, and many substances that have not been assessed for safety by the beauty industry’s self-policing review panels.

For manly, non-toxic scents, choose fragrances that are based on essential oils. Or you could make cologne in your kitchen and give it to your dad as a homemade gift. You can find a bunch of simple, DIY recipes by just doing a Google search.

Non-toxic is fashionable: one of the most popular gifts for dad is clothes – in particular, shirts of any style and colour. If you're buying new clothes for your dad for Father’s Day, watch out for clothing with stain repellants, wrinkle-resistant treatments, or pesticide-treated cotton. These types of fabrics contain toxic chemicals. Instead, keep it simple and choose clothes made of natural fibres like cotton or wool. 

Get creative: sometimes the best way to avoid toxic gifts is by giving a gift which just shows how much you care. Perhaps cook your dad a meal with local, organic food; head out to nature and go for a hike or a canoe trip; or do some chores around the house for him. Sometimes spending quality time with your dad is the best gift of all.


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