Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) Sepilok in Sabah

Rainforest Discovery Centre RDC is located in Sepilok and caters to the environmental education of the Sabah Rainforest. It is also located in the Kabili-Seplok Forest Reserve which is also home to the world famous Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary. The primary function for the RDC is to create public awareness and importance of conserving our rainforest as well as mother natures resources. 

The Rainforest Discovery Center or RDC as it is commonly known was opened to the public in 2006 to create awareness for our tropical forest and rainforest. Proceeds from ticket sales are channeled back into the RDC to fund environmental education for students and other related activities which are becoming popular nowadays.  

The RDC has three main areas for exploration which are the main Visitors Building, Rainforest Discovery Trail and the Canopy Walkway.
Tickets can be purchased at the main Visitors Building entrance. From there, we can explore the interiors of the center where everything and anything about the rainforest, flora and fauna is displayed. Most of the information is related to the surrounding rainforest of Kabili-Sepilok and the greater Sandakan district. 

Rare information can be obtained here for instance one of the exhibits included the unique Pygmy Elephantsof Borneo which are a highly endangered species. These Pygmy Elephants are only found around theKinabatangan River in the Sukau district which is about two hours out from Sandakan. Other subjects of wildlife include various birds of Borneo, Butterflies and Insects and even Crocodiles.

When you explore the exhibition hall in the visitors building, you will notice that there are over 40 posters with information on flora and fauna of Borneo which include taxidermy (stuffed butterflies/insects) , samples of trees, flowers and leaves and even a skeleton head of a Pygmy Elephant in a case. There are quite a number of pictures of birds and flowers as Birders (Bird Watchers) or Flora Lovers would absolute enjoy this place. If you are an orchid lover, you should not miss visiting the RDC.  

Once you exit the visitor center, you will be lead to the Plant Discovery Garden which is part of the Rainforest Discovery Trail. It is here where you will see the natural flora of the Borneo Rainforest. Flowers and plants are carefully located in their own specific areas throughout the walk which made identifying them easy. A tip would be to engage a good nature guide for this as he or she will explain everything along the way to you. The main Rainforest Discovery Trail would easily take you a good one to two hours to complete and this depends on the time and speed of your exploration. 

Apart from the Visitors Building and the Rainforest Discovery Trail, there is the very unique Canopy Walk where the entire structure is made from steel. It is here where Birders (Bird Watchers) come to see the rare and unique birds of Borneo. 

By the way, the Rainforest Discovery Center RDC also offers EE Programs for students and since 1997, about 13,000 students from both local and foreign schools have participated in this Environmental Educational Program. This is something where more local and international schools around the region should participate in.


Green Sabah says: RDC is a good place for environmental education. Apart from getting information about the rainforest by reading, it is more fun to learn more about it by having your own experience visit to RDC. Besides gaining the knowledge, you can enjoy the nature at the same time. An interesting place to visit, isn't it?


DorianG said...

a very interesting way to explore the rain forest via RDC.It certainly sounds like an adventure and fun.

DorianG said...

It is also a perfect locale to educate the future generation regarding the biodiversity of our local ecological heritage.

Mohd Ishak said...

Ya, RDC ini sememangnya kelihatan seperti satu tempat yang boleh dikunjungi bila hujung minggu. Boleh dijadikan satu pengalaman yang baik.

Mohd Ishak said...

Rakyat perlulah mengambil peluang untuk datang menikmati alam sekitar dan pada masa yang sama boleh mendapatkan ilmu yang baru tentang pemuliharaan hutan tropika.

Scarlett said...

Adakah ketinggian trail ini sama dengan yang di Poring? Tempat ini memang menarik untuk dilawati. Memang sesuai dijadikan tempat untuk 'environmental education'.

Karin-nah said...

Have lots of other places for wildlife to live. So let us all take care.

nickko said...

RDC wajar mendapat sokongan semua pihak termasuk kerajaan untuk sama2 memulihara hutan dan suber alam semulajadi kita..

Anonymous said...

This is one of the tourist attraction. I should have visit this place too.

Smookiekins said...

Yup. one of interesting place to visit. Hope tourist will go there a lot.

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