Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sabah to have nation’s first ‘green’ library in three years

Sunday, 21st August 2011
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah can boast of having the nation's first environmentally-friendly library in three years.

The new city library adjacent to the scenic Perdana Park at Tanjung Aru here will incorporate the latest environmentally-friendly features including using less electricity.

Sabah State Library director Wong Vui Yin said the structure that would incorporate the motifs of Sabah's ethnic communities would also be designed to require minimum maintenance.

“Our aim is also to make the library a stress-free environment. One of the approaches is to make the architecture and landscaping blend with the surroundings,” he said yesterday.

In addition, the building would be soundproofed apart from being user-friendly for the young and those with physical disabilities.

He said the RM36mil library would be constructed on a 1.2ha site.

Once completed in 2014, the six-storey structure would have a total floor space of over 5,000sq metres.

On Wednesday, State Assistant Minister of Community Development and Consumer Affairs Datuk Herbert Timbon Lagadan said the new library was to replace the 35-year-old building in the city centre that would be demolished as it was unsafe.

Herbert said the current library would be temporarily relocated to a rented area at the Suria Sabah mall until the completion of the new building.

The current site would be handed over to the Judicial Department for the expansion of the Kota Kinabalu court complex, Herbert added.

A group of social activists had spoken out against plans to demolish the library as the facility was located in a strategic area and was convenient to the public.


Green Sabah says: This article was published in 2011, therefore Sabah and nation's first environmentally-friendly library is expected to have in two more years time. It shows that Sabah State Government is very supporting in promoting the green efforts. It is a positive sign! To be located near the Perdana Park at Tanjung Aru, this will not only encouraging the people to read but also to exercise in the same time. Apart from being an environmental-friendly library, it is a user-friendly too. Can't wait to have this library to be completed! :)


ScottyDoesntKnow said...

Dengan adanya perpustakaan, diharap ia dapat menjana minat terhadap membaca di kalangan penduduk kawasan tanjung aru

ScottyDoesntKnow said...

Selain daripada itu, bangunan perpustakaan yang bercirikan mesra alam tersebut juga boleh menjadi model kepada pembinaan bangunan-bangunan yang akan datang. Mudah-mudahan semua projek pembinaan yang akan datang akan mempunyai ciri-ciri mesra alam, sekaligus sinonim dengan Badaraya Kota Kinabalu dan Sabah.

Hinamori said...

wow!!! so amazing. green library that so interesting.

running man said...

Proud with Sabah state govt on their commitment in emphasizing the green effort in building this library.

Anonymous said...

hopefully in the future, there will be more green building in this state.. private sector also need to follow the state govt initiative to build their own green building..

Mohd Ishak said...

Bolehlah memupuk minat membaca dan pada masa yang sama mempromosikan usaha ke arah negeri yang mesar alam.

Mohd Ishak said...

Setuju, ini boleh dijadikan satu garisan panduan kepada projek pembinaan lain. Gunalah teknologi hijau untuk alam sekitar.

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