Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Foreign marauders pillage Sabah mangroves – Sam Mannan

KOTA KINABALU: There are syndicates in a neighboring country which send illegal loggers in small boats to fell and strip mangroves in the remote swamp forests of northern Sabah and smuggle them out to their home country, according to State Forestry Department Director Datuk Sam Mannan.

“These marauders can be armed and dangerous,” Sam said, adding that wildlife poaching continues to be a menace despite constant surveillance by the department and other enforcement bodies.

“But poaching activities are perceived to be less so than before and also not forgetting, the constant threat of illegal logging which, despite being under control, can flare up again the minute our guards are down,” he said during the handover of firearms to forestry enforcement officers at the department’s headquarters here yesterday.

Sam, who handed over the shotguns and handguns to the selected enforcement officers, said they have been given the weapons to protect themselves and act as a deterrent in the course of discharging their duties.

He said the selected officers have been granted licenses by the police to carry and use firearms under strict terms and conditions.

“The necessary permits and licenses were subsequently approved by the Inspector General of Police, hence the purchase of appropriate weapons for protection,” he said.

Sam said forestry field officers had on numerous occasions while carrying out their duties came under physical attack, including buildings and vehicles belonging to the department.

He cited the brazen raid on the Ulu Segama-Malua District Forestry Office Base Camp in 2009 by a group of poachers, during which time the District Forestry Officer, Indra P. Sunjoto was lucky to come out alive.

In early 2010, forestry workers involved in forest restoration and the destruction of illegal oil palm at Ulu Kalumpang Forest Reserve were shot at, he said, adding that in both cases the departmental staff were like sitting ducks as they were not in a position to defend themselves against the marauders who were armed with weapons.

Sam reminded his enforcement officers that the weapons are strictly used for protection and serves as a deterrent.

“The firearms are to be used only as a last resort and being lethal instruments they are to be handled with care and respect, strictly on the basis of the license/permit conditions.”

Green Sabah Says: Its a shame that companies from some of our neighboring countries would send their people to illegally strip our mangroves, poaching our wildlife and smuggle them back to their home countries. We hoped that our enforcement officers will do their best to stop these marauders from destroying our mangroves and harm the natural habitats of wildlife species in our states.


sabaheco said...

This is when greed takes hold of a group of individuals who are willing to intrude other coutry for the sake of personnel interest.

sabaheco said...

With the related environmental agencies working hand in hand the the law enforcement agency, hopefully these infiltration will cease

Hinamori said...

Sabah has one of the best natural mangrove ecosystems in the world

Scarlett said...

Heavy punishment for them!

Scarlett said...

Make a report if suspicious activities are being done in mangrove areas.

Mohd Ishak said...

Harap Jabatan Perhutanan akan membuat pemantauan yang serius dalam isu seperti ini kerana penceroboh ini menyebabkan kerosakkan terhadap hutan kita.

Mohd Ishak said...

Kerajaan kita sedang berusaha menjaga perhutanan kita tapi mereka ini datang merosakkan rancangan kita. Harap tindakan tegas akan diambil terhadap mereka.

ferlo said...

penceroboh2 harus dikenakan tindakan tegas.

Karin-nah said...

Keindahan di Negeri ini perlulah dipertahankan oleh kerajaan.

Anonymous said...

that's mean the enforcement of our state border especially in our territorial water still too weak.. the state government must do something before they rob more of our natural resources..

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