Monday, February 27, 2012

SOLS 24/7 receives RM 1 million for Sabah Youth Development Centre

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 Feb 2012: East Malaysian youth facing a lack of education opportunities are being given an avenue of help, with the opening of the Borneo Youth Development Centre (YDC) in Sabah, this year.

Spearheaded by SOLS 24/7, rural and urban youth from Sabah and Sarawak will finally benefit from unique, holistic training programs thanks to the Berjaya Cares Foundation.

Berjaya Group Founder Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan presented the million ringgit cheque to SOLS 24/7 International Directors, Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh and Counselor Dhinu Singh at the Berjaya Founder’s Day event on Saturday.

The vision: An environmentally focused Youth Development Centre, in Sabah.

The SOLS 24/7 Sabah YDC is set to be the first fully environmentally focused ‘green’ school in the country.

Students at the SOLS 24/7 Sabah YDC will be trained in English, IT and ICT, Mathematics, Accounts, Job Employment and more.

“SOLS 24/7 will be exploring renewable energy efforts such as micro hydro, solar and biogas,” said Teacher Raj, adding that implementing such efforts would benefit the rural community and promote eco-tourism.

Micro hydro, which produces power from small streams and rivers, can be used to power machinery and generate electricity.

“Micro hydro is ideal for rural communities, it can replace kerosene, the use of fire wood, and can even help small businesses become sustainable,” Teacher Raj explained.

Meanwhile, biogas provides the added benefit of treating organic waste, production of energy, providing high quality fertilizer and contributes to a better farming community image.

Not only will SOLS 24/7 be encouraging a deeper awareness and responsibility for the environment in youth, but the YDC will also equip them with education and thinking skills.

“Once you give youth education, and the tool of effective communication, they will be able to become dynamic change makers in the community,” he said.

The SOLS 24/7 Borneo YDC project  also appeared in the New Straits Times (Feb 27, 2012): Preparing Youth With Life Skills- NST


Green Sabah says: SOLS 24/7 is a Non Governmental, Non Religious Organization that provides a unique Education program with boarding facilities for free to underprivileged youths. Their efforts are noble and with this financial support, hopefully SOLS 24/7 together with YDC can help the youths to improve themselves hence create deeper awareness to care for the environment. 


drako drakonius said...

Hopefully the youth of Sabah will make full use of this fund.

drako drakonius said...

This opportunity should be taken by all youth to improve their skills

drako drakonius said...

Hopefully the rural communities will make full use of the micro hydro as an alternative to existing power generating methods that is not eco friendly.

drako drakonius said...

The youth of the present generation should play a pro active role in promoting as well as sustaining the environment.

drako drakonius said...

They youth too should be groom with education, and the tool of effective communication so that they acan shoulder the mantle of responsibility as future movers and shakers of our state.

Anonymous said...

“Once you give youth education, and the tool of effective communication, they will be able to become dynamic change makers in the community,” he said.

Education is very important in order to be par with the others.

TuhauBam said...

Hopefully that fund really help our youths.

Mohd Ishak said...

Syabas kepada SOLS 24/7 kerana membantu anak-anak muda yang tidak berkemampuan untuk mendapatkan pendidikan.

Mohd Ishak said...

Bangunan sekolah yang mesra alam ini amat menarik dan saya berharap projek pembinaan sekolah hijau ini boleh berjalan lancar supaya menjadi contoh kepada sekolah-sekolah yang lain pada masa depan.

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