Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Environment, Waste Management & Agriculture

A company at Malaysia called Azed Bina Sdn Bhd has involved in biomass material recycling into renewable energy (heat & electricity) and ash for the production of organic fertiliser.

The company has developed an economical and environmental friendly system know as the Bio-Waste Recycling System (BRS) to recycle organic waste. Which involved in 4 sectors; Research, Environment & Waste Management, Renewable Energy and Engineering Design & Fabrication.

Recycling Centre for large food manufacturers; Nestle and Ajinomoto in Malaysia. Recycle expired food products into organic fertiliser and animal feed and broken wooden pallets into biomass materials.


Agriculture - organic fertilizer production (Soygrow Brand), supply and distribution to organic farms.

 Resources recycling for commercial purposes, alleviate environmental burden and at the same time increasing business opportunities in Malaysia.

Source: azedbinasdnbhd.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

We should look more on renewable energy.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, recycling makes good business.

Richard Perry said...

Clever waste recycling can open an entirely new path of productivity for companies who utilize their waste sensibly. Not all waste material requires disposal and in fact may be profitably and effectively recycled elsewhere.

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Sean Carter said...

Being able to create food and energy through waste management is an interesting idea. Food and energy are vital parts of life and clean world is something that benefits everyone. Hopefully this sort of thing can work out in other places

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