Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Miss Earth Sabah 2012

Joanna Marie Faurillo, 20, charmed the audience with her beauty and  intelligence during the pageant’s grand final on 16th June 2012.

As this green-initiated pageant advocates on the objectives of educating and promoting environmental awareness to the contestants, therefore, ever since the pageant week started, all the ladies were given the opportunity to enroll themselves in programs such as going for a charity ride, visit old folks home and attend cultural talks.

The petite beauty also grabbed three subsidiary titles — Miss Sutera  Facebook Favourite, Miss Talent and Miss Natural Beauty. Faurillo, 53, described  his daughter’s victory as the perfect Fathers Day gift.

“Watching her on stage was amazing. I could not stop smiling and we are so  proud of her.

“Her involvement in this pageant has helped us to understand something about  the environment and we will support her in her fight against environmental  destruction.”

During the question-and-answer session, the 1.6m tall Joanna confidently  described her views on reducing the use of plastic bags and her vision to expand  the “No plastic campaign”.

Joanna, who did not expect to win, said she would strive to be a good “green  ambassador” and role model to society. She added that she would foster the “love  for the environment” in her family.

Deidre Ann Walker, 18, was the first runner-up while the second runner-up  was Grace Chang Siew Ling, who also won two subsidiary titles (Miss Eco Giant  and Miss Creative Eco Costume).

Pageant organising director and Miss Earth Malaysia 2009 Madelyne M. Nandu  was happy with the results, adding that all finalists were winners in the  competition.

“Those who did not win, I hope they won’t give up and make this opportunity  and knowledge gained as their platform and starting point to get involved in  serving society.”

Sources: ermworld.wordpress.com, theborneopost.

Photo: petitemodel87.blogspot


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She's beautiful.

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Hope she can be a good 'green ambassador'.

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