Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sabah aquaculture is set to come unto its own

Chief Minister Musa Aman (middle), with Minister of International Trade and Industry Mustapa Mohamed (right), and Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Dr. Maximus Ongkili (left). Also present were CEO of Darden Inc. Clarence Otis Jr. and Yayasan Sabah Director Khalil Datu Jamalul

The aquaculture industry is set to go big in Sabah with the launch of the Integrated Lobster Aquaculture Park (iLAP) – the first of its kind in the world – in Semporna.

A joint venture between Ever Nexus company, Yayasan Sabah subsidiary company Inno Fisheries and Darden Incorporated, the 9,300-hectare marine park that is earmarked for the east coast district of Semporna will become the world’s first fully integrated commercial lobster hatchery. The project will include lobster aquaculture for commercial production, contract farming and training, as well as mussels farming as a food source for the lobsters.

Guest of Honour, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman witnessed the signing ceremony between Darden Inc. and Yayasan Sabah today in Kuala Lumpur. He subsequently launched the RM2 billion-investment programme.

Speaking at the ceremony, Musa said that the global market for lobsters is estimated to be over RM12 billion a year, while the Asia Pacific region with China in particular accounts for 75 percent of the total market.

“This translates into vast economic opportunities for Malaysia and in particular the state of Sabah, in becoming a major player in meeting the demand for lobsters,” he said.

According to Musa, the establishment of iLAP will generate more than RM3 billion in annual sales by 2030. Job opportunities will be abundant as a result of this project with 6,000 new jobs created in the next eight years. By 2030, the project is slated to open up to 20, 000 new job opportunities.

Located in Orlando Florida, Darden Inc. is the world’s biggest chain of full-service restaurants with an annual sale of US$ 7.2 billion and up to 180, 000 workers.

Musa said that the project would help boost the Bumiputera entrepreneur programme and the agriculture component of the National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) plan.

“This business venture has already opened an opportunity for Bumiputera Company Ever Nexus together with Inno Fisheries Sdn Bhd, to successfully form a partnership with Darden Inc. This goes to show that effective participation of Bumiputera entrepreneurs is achievable within the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) and other national level plans,” he said.

Musa further notes that Sabah’s worth as an investment destination is proven through the state’s ability to attract approximately RM10 billion in investments in the first quarter of the this year. This is the highest amount of private investments in Malaysia.

“I am confident that the iLAP project will become a catalyst for further economic growth in the east coast region of Sabah, and will create more high income jobs,” he said.

Source: Insight Sabah


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The Malaysia Aquafarm Certification Scheme is a voluntary scheme managed by the Department of Fisheries Malaysia for aquafarmers to promote good farming practices

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Sabah has the potential to become the biggest producer of aquaculture products in Malasya by 2010

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We have to open more market especially for international demand.

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