Monday, November 12, 2012

Semporna: Solar power project 70% ready

Soon, residents in remote islands off Semporna will enjoy 24-hour electricity supply.

Works to supply electricity using solar power in seven islands in Semporna is currently 70% completed and is expected to be ready by the middle of 2013. This is according to Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

Semporna - islands around it
Islands off Semporna

Semporna is populated by about 137,800 people (2010 census) with majority of them Bajau, many of whom live in stilt villages over the water on the outskirts of the township. Tourists visit Semporna as a base for scuba diving or snorkeling trips to Pulau Sipadan (Sipadan Island) , Pulau Mabul (Mabul Island), and others. Some of the better known islands off Semporna include:

1.   Sipadan island
2.   Mabul island
3.   Mataking island
4.   Kapala island
5.   Sibuan island
6.   Bum Bum island
7.   Pom Pom island
8.   Bohey Dulang island
9.   Si Amil island
10. Mantabuan island

The solar power project costing RM94 million will benefit not only the residents, but also schools involving at least 10,000 students. Solar PV was chosen as energy source as the islands are too far to lay sea cables from the mainland.

Here are some eye teasers:

Sipadan island is a globally renowned diving spot. Photo: Passage 2 Jay Bee

Mabul island is also famous for its diving activities. Photo:

Mataking island. Photo: divezone

Many, many places to satiate your diving fantasy. For the non-divers, go for sight seeing and unwind yourself at the world class resorts available at all of the more popular islands.



Anonymous said...

Pulau2 ini sudah terkenal di serata dunia sebagai pusat pelancongan dan memang layak untuk dilengkapi dengan pelbagai fasiliti.

Anonymous said...

Pulau Bum Bum pun terkenal dengan pusat pelancongan?

Anonymous said...

Tenaga solar lebih jimat dan bersih

Anonymous said...

Projek yang bagus untuk tempat2 pelancongan

Anonymous said...

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