Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dolphins sighting is a positive sign

Pods of dolphins were discovered recently by local people near the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and the news went viral on the internet.

Universiti Malaysia Sabah's (UMS) Borneo Marine Research Institute Director, Prof. Dr Saleem Mustafa claimed it was is a good indication of the local marine ecosystem. He said the mammal's echolocation system seems to have adapted to shallow coastal environment and may have the ability to sense conditions of the marine ecosystem. The major factor for their distance travel most probably because of the food supply. Therefore, he stressed the importance to protect the marine ecosystem if people want to have more sightings of marine mammals. Dr Saleem added if the dolphins are seen with their young ones, it would further mean that the calves felt secure in the area. Meanwhile, a Marine expert, Dr Lindsay Porter said it is difficult to figure out what influences the dolphins' movements since dolphins appear only  occasionally.



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