Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dr Maximus: Give accurate info on environmental issues

KOTA MARUDU: The media, formal and informal, have a responsibility to disseminate accurate information on environment issues which affect everybody.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili said the media, including social media which had a wide audience reach, must be accurate as wrong and misleading information could create a misinformed society.

The public, he pointed out, should also seek clarification and verify information with the authorities and experts as some information over the Internet was deliberately inaccurate to play on the people’s sentiment and opinion.

“This includes the issue of the Lynas rare earth plant in Gebeng. Some crucial facts have been twisted by certain quarters through the use of the Internet and social media,” Dr Maximus said when closing the three- day Camp and Environment Education Programme held in conjunction with the World Forestry Day and Earth Day celebrations.

The event, held at the Mangrove Recreational Park at the Kota Marudu Forestry Complex included a camp participated by students from 11 schools in Kota Marudu and nearby Pitas, Kudat and Kota Belud.

It was organised by the state Forestry Department, Tourism Culture and Environment Ministry and Department of Environment.

Dr Maximus also said that efforts to conserve and protect the environment and nature must be a responsibility shouldered jointly by the government, NGOs, the people and the media.

Government agencies should disseminate to the public what they had done to conserve the environment so as to increase public awareness as well as public participation in protecting the Earth.

“They can maximise the use of the social media to disseminate this information, including through modern information technology such as websites, Twitter, blogs,” he said, adding that to date, Sabah had managed to preserve 60% of its land area as forest land. (PR)

Green Sabah says: Accurate information on environmental issue is vital. Through this information, the public will be more aware of what is happening with our environment. Inaccurate information will not only caused misunderstanding but will lead to more problems. 


John Winchester said...

I believe the people know how to evaluate between the good and bad

Green Sabah said...

The environment issues should be portrayed correctly to the public, this is to create awareness from the people regarding what is happening to our environment.

Green Sabah said...

John Winchester, I'm sure the people know what is wrong and right. Thanks for stopping in.

hafinA A said...

Jagalah alam sekitar kita. Kerjasama dari semua amatlah diperlukan untuk menjayakannya.

Green Sabah said...

True Hafina, Cooperation from all walks of life is needed to protect the environment.

Harryzan Aming said...

yup, maklumat yang tidak tepat dan bersifat berat sebelah seringkali datang daripada pemimpin2 politik.. ini yang perlu diambil perhatian oleh rakyat agar tidak mudah terperangkap dengan mainan politik yang sanggup menyembunyikan fakta sebenar..

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