Sunday, April 1, 2012

Young faces (largely from LD) in the new Sepa line-up

Kota Kinabalu: A crop of young professionals has been roped in to helm the Sabah Environment Protection Association (Sepa) which has set a target of bringing about a greener environment within the next 10 years.
At its annual general meeting held here Saturday, incumbent President Wong Tack was returned unopposed as expected but his line-up saw the inclusion of new faces, largely from Lahad Datu.
They are Vice President Vincent Ng, Secretary General Yvonne Chew, Treasurer General Nelson Wan, Research Officer (urban) Susan Chong and (rural) Nasari Sabiah, Legal Counsel Lanesh Thanda and six committee members.
The six are Alice Chai Jia Mee, Daniel Doughty, Chong Tuek Yuen, Lim Kon Hiung, Ng Kean Kee and Julia Huang.
Wong, after adjourning the meeting, said he is happy that most of the new members are young professionals and hoped they would be able to bring about changes to the association and the environment as a whole.
"I am happy that there are so many young people coming out to show their care for the environment. And I hope the new team would bring about new vision, new approach and new energy to make Sabah a greener place to live in, and to achieve a green economy, green tourism and green technology," he said.
To make this goal a reality, he said they would start off by having more awareness programmes in rural areas.
He also promised to have frequent collaborations with the Environment, Culture and Tourism Ministry and others in their work to achieve an environmentally sustained developed nation.
"There were a small amount of people in Sepa who held pro-coal programmes - how could this be when we are supposed to protect the environment?" Wong asked.
Towards this end, he said discussions would be held to decide whether any actions should be taken against them.
"We have our exco meeting once every three months and in these meetings, we'll decide the best approach to handle this group of people," he said.
"Apart from that, we'll be bringing with us more people from the rural areas during our programmes around the State, to create more awareness in them on the importance of conserving the environment."

GreenSabah says: I'm glad to see more youths in the state is getting more committed to environmental protection in Sabah, hope that Sepa will help improve the awareness on conserving the environment for the local society whether the rural or urban folks. 


sabaheco said...

Another good nature conservative related NGO from Sabah...just make sure that politics didn't influence any decision made by the NGO...

Mohd Ishak said...

Adalah baik kerana anak-anak muda kita semakin faham tentang kepentingan penjagaan alam. Semoga dengan adanya sokongan dan kerjasama mereka, usaha untuk meningkatkan kesedaran tentang penjagaan alam akan lebih berkesan.

Mohd Ishak said...

Semoga usaha Sepa untuk meningkatkan kesedaran di kawasan pedalaman akan membuahkan hasil yang baik, diharapkan semuanya berjalan lancar.

evan medhousky said...

the efforts of maintaining our environment should be an on-going process and I hope all organizations and individuals will continue to contribute towards a clean, healthy, safe and green environment and society.

Green Sabah said...

Its good to see more youths joining NGO's related to environmental conservation, hopefully they will contribute their time and effort to help improve our environment.

Green Sabah said...

Creating awareness is one of the more important aspect of environmental protection, many people are still unaware the need to protect nature, some people simply don't care. However it takes the effort from all walks of life to make this work, I'm glad the local youngsters are committed to protecting the environment.

Green Sabah said...

Hope that any efforts on protecting the environment will continued. With the cooperation with all organization whether private or public, as well as individuals, I'm sure we can achieve better results.

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