Sunday, July 8, 2012

ENSEARCH Sabah set to protect environment

KOTA KINABALU: The newly set up Environmental Management and Research Association Malaysia (ENSEARCH) Sabah branch will be organizing a tree planting programme, its protem chairperson Datuk Adeline Leong said.

ENSEARCH Sabah will also be conducting training programs on air and water modeling, quality risk assessment and air pollution with the guidance of ENSEARCH KL, she added.

Leong, at the launching of the ENSEARCH Sabah branch by Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Ministry Tan Sri Joseph Kurup yesterday pointed out that the protection of the environment is something dear to the organization’s heart.

“We all want to breathe clean air and drink. However we are confronted with the haze every year and our rivers are polluted with oil palm pollutant. This is intensified by global warming caused by too much carbon being released into the air.

“The setting up of ENSEARCH Sabah branch is timely as we intend to bring public awareness to this mounting problem and in our own small way, help minimize the impact of human activity on the environment.

“Planting trees and conducting training on environmental management are two ways we are starting off with,’ Leong added.

Meanwhile ENSEARCH Malaysia President Abdul Aziz Long said that the Sabah branch is the first one outside Klang Valley.

“Since its establishment, ENSEARCH has always sought to raise the standard of environmental professionals in Malaysia and to raise the level of environmental performance in the private sector.

“At the same time we also believe in a consultative process with the public sector and civil society. Our vision is to make more Malaysians environmentally aware of their surrounding and committed to taking personal responsibility to manage and mitigate the impacts of their corporate, professional and daily living activities on the environment.

“As a capacity building NGO in the environmental field, we would like to act as an enabler to Malaysian environmental professional’ growth,” he stressed.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Tree Planting Programme by ENSEARCH will get the support of the public.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully ENSEARCH will help improve the level of environment performance within the private and public sector alike.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the ENSEARCH's obejectives will success in bringing the environmental awareness to the public.

Anonymous said...

The only way humans can establish a "oneness" with nature is not by turning our backs on technology and the scientific knowledge achieved so far but by interacting with our environment on the basis of the fullest scientific understanding of that relationship.

Anonymous said...

When you’re using electricity think about where it comes from and how you can use less to take the strain off of the environment

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