Monday, July 9, 2012

A green economy in the Heart of Borneo on the world stage

UN Resident Coordinator for Malaysia & UNDP Resident Representative for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam, Mr Kamal Malhotra, commended the SFD on its focus on a green economy, particularly in the lead up to the Rio 20+ conference in June 2012, which would elevate these issues to the world stage.

He said whatever the definition you choose for a green economy, there is no doubt that applying green economy concepts such as improved energy efficiency and renewable energy production could provide employment and economic growth, while reducing pressures on natural resources.

“It can drive technological improvements and also provide mechanisms to help prevent the destruction of nature by highlighting the benefits we obtain from environmental services,” he said

Mr Malhotra concluded by highlighting the need for a roadmap for the development of a green economy to be prepared - not just for Sabah and the Heart of Borneo - but for all regions wishing to build a green economic future.

Adam Tomasek, Leader of WWF’s Heart of Borneo Initiative, said he was encouraged by the leadership of the Malaysian government to advance the understanding and the implementation of a green economy in the Heart of Borneo.

“Bringing scientific, business and investment leaders into the same room with policy makers is an example that must be replicated if the Rio+20 Summit is to be successful next year. WWF will continue to support the multi-stakeholder process to develop green growth initiatives that deliver lasting conservation and sustainable development in the Heart of Borneo,” he said.

The two day conference convened by the Sabah Forest Department and co-hosted by WWF and UNDP will attempt to demystify the green economy concept by:
• Gaining a common understanding of the real meaning of Green economy as against Business as Usual.
• Understanding the economic contribution of HoB’s natural capital to the State Development Agenda
• Sharing knowledge on green economy incentives and the policy mechanisms needed to encourage these activities.
• Map out a strategy, or road map, for a consolidated approach to realizing a green economy in the HoB landscape.


Anonymous said...

Green economy can help bring job opportunities as well as improve the economy without putting more pressure on the environment. We should embrace green economy.

Anonymous said...

Green economy concepts includes energy efficiency and renewable energy production, it helps bring improvement on technology. An organization can save cost in the long run by adapting energy efficiency.

Anonymous said...

Action speaks louder than words. We must not only should have the awareness but also apply it in our action.

Anonymous said...

Some economists view green economics as a branch or subfield of more established schools

Anonymous said...

An increasing consensus around the ideas of natural capital and full cost accounting could blur distinctions between the schools and redefine them all as variations of "green economics".

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