Friday, December 14, 2012

Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC) - Sabah

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) is the first of its conservation centre which rehabilitate/rescue the bornean sun bear. It is the first and only (at this moment) in south east asia region (of course in our country as well). As for now, the conservation centre will be schedule to open in due time (most likely mid of next year. We will keep you update once the conservation centre is open to public. Stay tune!).

Nevertheless , Nature Core would like to thank Eileen Chiang who have the privileged to enter this wonderful conservation center for the first hand to be reviewed and guided by the man (aka Founder) behind this Project, Mr Wong Siew Te (We also known him as "Papa Bear") and his wonderful, dedicated team behind this project. Thanks to BSBCC for giving Eileen Chiang this priviledge to be there to witness this wonderful conservation work and Eileen Chiang for sharing her experience at the centre to us. Kudos!

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) - there are still some upgrading work to be done. Once complete, this center will provide state of the art facilities, view point/platform and center to view and photograph the sun bear. Besides, there might be information centre for the sunbear as well. 
The "WOW" factor for this centre - its the platform. Great place to view sunbears (those that BSBCC has been rescued with the help from other agencies)  and understand their behaviour in the wild. Besides that, Eileen Chiang has the priviledge to visit the rescue centre too! It's truly amazing that the BSBCC team has done a lot of great work for the sunbears. Kudos.

Based on Eileen's expeirence, this is what she would like to highlight.  Eileen Chiang mentioned that during her trip, she still remembered when Mr Wong asked "Eileen, can you spot the sunbear?" and she told us that she took a while to get her eyes adjust to search for these sunbears. This showed that they are well camouflage. 

Great news for the Sunbears and for the public: This centre will remain on this location where they can be rescue and to be given a second chance to survive back in the wild. A work which require a heavy workman and consistency with high level of discipline. Please support the BSBCC!

Below are two of the four Sun Bears can be viewed from the platform.  (A quick ones - each of the sunbears in the BSBCC has name and their name derived from their past history or where they were rescued from).
Sun Bear - sniffing and wondering. Very active.
(Photo taken by Eileen Chiang)

Sun Bear (Got this view from the observation platform)
(Photo taken by Eileen Chiang)
This trip has provided Eileen Chiang - a great knowledge about Sunbear and the love and care from the founder of BSBCC , Mr Wong Siew Te and the team.

Getting more interest and would like to know more about our Bornean Sun Bear and BSBCC, please visit : Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). Do support this great initiative - For  the sunbear conservation. 


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