Thursday, December 27, 2012

CM: A RM2 billion Lobster Farm in the offing

Panulirus species (spiny lobsters) also known locally as King lobster
Panulirus species (spiny lobsters) also known locally as King lobster

During the third day of State Assembly question and answer session, the State Assemblyman for Kunak, Nilwan Kabang asked the Chief Minister on the progress of the proposed lobster farming project in Pulau Timbun Mata in Kunak District, a joint undertaking between Inno Fisheries, a subsidiary company of Yayasan Sabah, and Aquafarm Inc from America.

According to project sources the proposed joint venture involves an investment of RM 2 billion and is expected to generate 20,000 jobs. In reply the Chief Minister confirmed that the project will be carried out on a 9,300 hectare coastal area in Pulau Timbun Mata, Semporna. He said the State Cabinet approved the land for the project in March 2012. He said the lobster farm would require some 6000 hectares to accommodate the 18000 or so lobster cages plus additional area for related onshore and offshore facilities.

To be carried out by Integrated Lobsters Aquaculture Park (ILAP) in joint venture between Inno Fisheries SDN BHD and Aquafarm Inc from America the project includes lobster aquaculture for commercial production, research and development, contract farming and training as well as mussels farming as the food source for the lobsters.

The Chief Minister further explained that the inclusion of  contract farming was to allow , the local fishermen as well as small and medium-sized companies  to do business with ILAP. In this way, local aquaculture farmers and companies who join the program would gain access to the technology and support system for lobster farming and marketing. Musa further disclosed that the West Coast area is found  to be the most suitable area for the production of lobster seeds. He said an application for funding has been submitted for consideration under National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) for agriculture.  

Source: InsightSabah


Anonymous said...

Orlando-based Darden Restaurants plans to create the world’s largest lobster farm in Malaysia, allowing it to sell the crustaceans in Asia and supply them to its chains such as Red Lobster.

Anonymous said...

The lobster farm would allow Darden to partially shield itself from rising seafood prices while creating a new revenue stream. But lobster farming, a field in its infancy because it has been notoriously difficult, could also keep prices lower for consumers and pose tougher competition for fishermen.

Anonymous said...

Through a subsidiary called Darden Aquafarm, the company will work with a Malaysian group to build the 23,000-acre production facility. The farm will employ 12,000 workers and eventually churn out 40 million pounds of lobsters each year. That's about $1 billion worth.

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Hope this project done successfully.

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