Friday, February 1, 2013

Pygmy’s killer must be brought to justice

Pygmy elephants

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysia crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) has expressed full support to the statement by Sabah’s Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun that if the Bornean elephants were maliciously poisoned then the culprits must be brought to justice and be made to pay for their crime against these animals.

“The shocking discovery of the mysterious deaths of 13 Borneo pygmy elephants in Gunung Rara Forest Reserve is indeed the saddest day for Sabah’s conservation efforts,” MCPF Vice Chairman, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said in a statement yesterday.

“As an animal lover I am also deeply saddened by the death of these majestic and endangered Bornean elephants,” he said. “The picture of an orphaned elephant calf trying to wake up its dead mother was indeed a heart wrenching sight and would move animal lovers to tears,” he added.

Lee welcomed the setting up of a taskforce by the Sabah Wildlife Department involving the WWF and the police to investigate and get to the bottom of this tragic incident.

He said the authorities concerned must send a strong message to those responsible for the death of the endangered species that their action must not be tolerated and they must be brought to justice.

“Granted that these elephants might roam into plantations and villages where they might cause losses to the owners, such a problem, if it does exist, can be dealt with by the Wildlife Department.

“But if there are humans who go to such extent to kill the 13 endangered pigmy elephants by resorting to poisoning, it is totally unacceptable and justice must be done,” he said.

“According to media reports it would appear that the likely cause of death pointed to poisoning as according to the post mortem the gastro intestinal tracts had severe hemorrhages and ulceration with some bleeding from the mouth and anus,” Lee said.

“If any form of poison is used to kill the elephants leading to their slow and painful deaths, then it is an act of sheer cruelty to the animals which must be taken seriously and those responsible must be brought to book,” he said.

Source: New Sabah Times


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