Monday, February 25, 2013

Tips for a Greener Planet


Composting pail
Replace synthetic fertilizer with compose fertilizer. Compose fertilizer is an organic fertilizer which can be simply produced by outing all food scraps such as banana peels and eggshells into a perforated metal composting pail.

Energy star rated electrical appliances
Energy star qualified appliances uses 10 to 50% less energy. Refrigerator for instance consume a lot of energy. Get rid old electrical appliances to avoid energy hogs.

Fit aerators and taps 
Aerator introduces air into the water stream to maintain pressure. By attaching an aerator to existing modern taps, it gives you a fuller flow of less water.

Go for bamboo floors
Bamboo is more sustainable floor material when compared with hardwoods. Bamboo takes only afew years to mature whilst hardwood  takes 50 to 100 years to grow.

Roof insulation
Insulation is not only limited to cold weather countries. Studies have shown that insulation can reduce 3 to 5 degree Celsius. The rate of heat transfer can be minimized through the insulation materials itself such as fiberglass, rocks and mineral woods.

Avoid paints with high level of VOCs (volatile organic compound)
Avoid using paints that content VOCs because the paint will emit low level of toxic emissions into the air for years of applications.


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