Thursday, February 21, 2013

Remember to recycle, reuse and reduce


I COME from a family that recycle, reuse and reduce. We don’t use any cool bags to show that we don’t use plastic bag. We reuse the plastic bags by giving them to hawkers or we just recycle them. There are a few simple ways to recycle.

Whenever I go out, if I see aluminium cans, I’ll just pick them up and take them home. The aluminium cans can be sold. So, it is helping to save Mother Earth and at the same time make a profit. A win-win situation indeed.

When I am at school, teachers always give us paper and ask us to cut and paste. All the unused paper usually go into the rubbish bin. It is a waste as the leftover paper can be recycled.

Therefore, whenever the teachers give us paper, all my friends will give me the leftovers so that I can take them back home.

Actually, I had asked my friends for the paper. At first it felt awkward, but not long after that, I earned the nickname ‘Miss Recycle’. And the best part is I managed to ‘convert’ my friends to recycle paper, too.

Anything that can be recycled like papers, plastics, aluminium, etc, should be recycled. Just separate them accordingly. When you have sufficient, send them to the recycle centre.

Schools and offices produce the most ‘rubbish’, mostly paper and plastic. It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, student, boss, employee, etc, whenever you see anything that can be recycled, please do recycle.

At first it might be hard, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect (and easy), so, practise the 3Rs now.

The Government should take steps to make sure that the rakyat recycle and not litter. Fine the litterbugs.

Alor Star.

Source: The Star


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