Monday, June 25, 2012

Benefits of an environmentally friendly green roof

The movement to “go green” has invoked the interest of socially responsible businesses, as well as the general public. Also known as “eco” roofs, environmentally friendly roofs can bear both social responsibility benefits as well as cost savings on materials and energy consumption. Below are just some of the benefits of using green construction and technology for roof construction.

One major benefit of eco-friendly roofs is the construction savings. Using recycled materials reduces waste, while providing a cost savings for manufacturers, construction companies and their clients.

Energy conservation is another great benefit for green roofing. Because the materials are designed to keep dwellings both cool in summer months and warmer for cooler temperatures, environmentally friendly roofs can save on utility costs through less energy usage.

It is well established that environmentally friendly roofs reduce storm water runoff. Natural storms produce rain, which typically runs off of regular roofs. Quite often, this water includes pollution that contaminates sewer systems. This transmits into the natural water supply and can cause illness. Green roofs are designed to reduce or eliminate storm water runoff.

Environmentally friendly roofs are designed to reduce smog as a result of their lower rooftop temperatures. Smog reduction automatically improves air quality. Since smog is related to many health risks, less smog also contributes to better overall health.

Green roofs have been determined to provide more insulation, which also decreases building noise levels. This creates both better residential and business environments, for higher productivity and more peaceful living.

Roof systems built around green technology are made to be more durable, which not only makes them more protective, but they last significantly longer while decreasing maintenance costs.

New legislation has allowed for those who have environmentally friendly roofs installed on their homes to take advantage of certain tax benefit initiatives. These federal tax incentives are designed to encourage more green construction targeting energy efficiency for residential dwellings.


Photo Credit: Some Rights Reserved by  jonathanvlarocca via Flickr.


Anonymous said...

If you’re considering a green roof, be sure to hire an installer with extensive experience and get an excellent warranty. the failure of a green roof could be very expensive to fix. Green roofs do require some maintenance, especially until the plants are well established.

Unknown said...

Installing the green roof might not be easy and need maintenance. Perhaps in the future there will be ways to facilitate these green roof method?

Anonymous said...

The green roof that cools down the building in warm days and warms the building in cooler days can help reduce the need for air conditions or heater. Not only its better for the environment, but the owners saves money in the long run.

Anonymous said...

More people can consider installing these environmentally friendly roofs, maybe it will cost less once it was mass produced and widely used.

Anonymous said...

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