Monday, June 25, 2012

RM700 mln to install hybrid solar units in Sabah rural schools

BELURAN: The government has allocated RM700 million for the implementation of the hybrid solar supply system for 179 rural schools in Sabah that have yet to receive electricity supply.

Deputy Education Minister Dr Mohd Puad Zakarshi said that out of the total, RM300 million had already been spent for the first phase involving 78 schools which had been fully completed.

He said another RM400 million was for the implementation of the second phase of the hybrid solar project involving 101 schools.

“For the second phase, 64 schools had already been installed with the hybrid solar system while another 18 schools were in the process of implementation.

“It involves 13 schools in Beluran, three in Ranau, and one each in Kota Belud and Sipitang with the total cost for the 13 schools amounting to RM70 million,” he said.

Speaking to reporters after opening the group general meetings of Umno branches in the Labuk state constituency, here today, he said the implementation of the hybrid solar system for rural schools reflected that the government took a serious view on educational aspects in the area. – Bernama


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Unknown said...

It is the government responsibility to provide such basic facilities to the people/students.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully these 179 rural schools will enjoy uninterrupted power supply after the hybrid solar units have been installed.

Anonymous said...

Good job from the government for resolving the power woes for schools in the rural areas, the RM700 million will not be wasted.

mantera said...

tenaga solar hibrid ini lebh selamat dan murah berbanding plumbum.

Hinamori said...

Hybrid solar cells combine advantages of both organic and inorganic semiconductors.

Hinamori said...

Hybrid photovoltaics have organic materials that consist of conjugated polymers that absorb light as the donor and transport holes.

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