Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Learn more about Global Warming

Global warming is a topic that is never free from debate, whether you have heard about it by this main buzz word or in relation to others such as 'the greenhouse effect' or even 'climate change' as it is more commonly referred to these days, it is something that never fails to spark controversy when spoken about.
But what is global warming and is global warming real? This site provides a comprehensive guide to the subject of global warming and covers all areas including global warming causes and effects, a wealth of global warming information, as well as a global warming definition and details of the greenhouse gases that are responsible for the change in the earth's climate.

Is global warming real?

First things first, in order for us to talk about the subject, or problem if you like, we first need to acknowledge that it is genuine and science proves that global warming is real. I can assure you that global warming is something that is very real and is brought on by a natural process known as 'greenhouse effect' that sees both natural and man-made gases released into the earth's atmosphere, subsequently causing the planet to heat up. This natural phenomenon helps to sustain life on earth such as plants, animals and even us humans.
However, the big debate that has gone on in the world for years and continues to go on now is how much human activity has accelerated this natural process by causing more of these natural gases and also some unnatural ones too. These gases are know as greenhouse gases and are discussed in further detail on our what are greenhouse gases page. 
Depending on who you speak to will depend on the opinion of how much of an issue global warming is, material fact shows that it is real but scientists have one opinion on it where as climatologists another when it comes to how much of a threat it is and what, or who, is most responsible for it, man or nature? So in short the answer to the question 'is global warming real?' is a definite 'yes'!
Now that we have concluded that global warming is real we are now going to explain what global warming is in depth.

What is global warming?

global warming sign
So the key question if you are on this page is 'what is global warming?'. Global warming is what happens when the temperature of the earth increases. This temperature increase is something that happens naturally, although it is also contributed to by human activity. The natural process that leads to global warming is called 'the greenhouse effect' and this is where gases in the atmosphere such as methane and carbon dioxide build up and retain heat from the sun in the atmosphere, therefore increasing the overall temperature of the earth.

This process is called the greenhouse effect and is necessary for the survival of all life on our planet. Due to a larger increase of average global temperatures people are pointing at human activity for speeding up this process to a degree that is deemed unsafe, evidence of this is the melting of the polar icecaps and subsequent rises in sea levels. The gases in question are produced naturally but also by humans too, the big question is how much effect the amount that humans create has had already and will have in the future. For more information take a look at our 'what causes global warming?' page.

Many people think that global warming and the green house effect are the same thing but this is not the case, the green house effect is the process that occurs naturally and this leads to global warming and climate change.

The natural process that leads to global warming sees the sun radiate heat to the earth, some of the heat will make it to the earth and warm it up, some will bounce of the clouds in the atmosphere back into space, a certain amount of heat will be reflected from the earth back up into the atmosphere where it will be retained by the natural gases that we have mentioned, and some will just go back out into space past the atmosphere.

This 'greenhouse effect' as it is known, heats the earth enough to cater for the needs of all of life on earth and has done for as long as life has been here. The reason global warming is deemed as such an issue is because the more of the gases that are produced by man the more there will be in the atmosphere and this upsets the natural balance, retains more heat and makes the earth warmer. In a nutshell that is what global warming is.


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Unknown said...

Now I know..greenhouse effect is the process that leads to global warming!

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We learn so much about global warming and the effects it has to the people, the wildlife and the earth. Hopefully we can all slow down the effects of global warming and buy us more time.

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What we could do is car pool to reduce carbon monoxide emission, reduce the use of air conditioner works too. If only more people will join in these efforts.

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pemanasan global kini makin membimbangkan.. kita perlu menjaga alam sekitar dgn baik.

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