Monday, June 11, 2012

Pakistan Breaks Tree Planting Record

Three hundred volunteers in Pakistan planted 541,176 mangrove trees (by hand) in one day, subsequently breaking the Guinness World Record for tree planting. 

The volunteers managed to do it all without the aid of mechanical equipment. They planted the mangroves in the Indus River Delta wetland ecosystem in the Southern Sindh Province of Pakistan.

WWF awarded Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi, Pakistan’s Environment Minister, the title Leaders of the Planet, which recognizes people who are making a significant personal contribution to sustainable development and conservation of the natural world.

“This is a wonderful example of partnership between government, local communities and the private sector for a common cause, for conservation.” – Richard Garstang, head of WWF Pakistan Wetlands Program.

The previous record holder was India for most trees planted in one day was India with 447,874 trees.

GreenSabah says: These tree planting records are very inspiring, hope that more countries will set out to make their own records while saving the environment at the same time. More inspiring stories to come, stay tuned to


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the 300 volunteers in Pakistan for breaking the tree planting record in the Guinness World Record.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will inspire more people to be involved in the tree planting activity, we can try to make the world greener by planting more trees.

Kris Jr said...

Tawau aims for record with 8,000 flowering trees

Kris Jr said...

The Basin supports a considerable variety fauna, more than 80 species of mammals including the rare and endangered Sumatra Rhinoceros, proboscis monkeys, red leaf monkeys and clouded leopard; over 270 species of birds including the exceedingly rare endemic Bulwer's Pheasant and a phenomenal diversity of amphibian and reptiles.

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