Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Imbak Canyon Wildlife Conservation Research Centre, next year says Waidi

Yayasan Sabah Conservation and Environmental Management Division Group Manager Waidi Sinun said the Imbak Canyon Wildlife Conservation will have its own research centre such as the ones in Danum Valley and Maliau Basin next year.

During the Forum of the Findings of Imbak Canyon 2012 Wildlife Survey, Sinun said the expedition is part of the request made by the stakeholders. Part of the survey includes to find out the access roads used by villagers to get to the area, to determine if their roads will be affected by the conservation and what kind of effect it would bring to the villagers. Yayasan Sabah will conduct a workshop to validate what the team had done in relation to the stakeholders' requests hence to see if the requests have been fully satisfied. They hope to launch it in Nov 2013, whilst Petronas will be the one who is making arrangements through its public awareness programme.


Anonymous said...

Hope that next year Imbak Canyon Wildlife Conservation will have its own research centre as planned.

Anonymous said...

Danum Valley Research Centre is a success, even attracting the interest of Prince William.

Borneo Native said...

bermakna Imbak Canyon juga bakal memiliki taraf setanding dengan Danum Valley..

Borneo Native said...

langkah ini membuktikan bahawa kerajaan benar2 melindungi hutan di negeri ini..

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