Monday, September 3, 2012

Musa’s financial management, forest policies best in country — Herman Luping

KOTA KINABALU: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman’s financial management of the Sabah government’s coffers and his forest management policies is rated the best in the nation, said state veteran leader Tan Sri Herman Luping.

He said Musa, who has helmed the state government since the past nine  years, had not only ensured the state government prospered, but had also given  more political stability, prosperity and infrastructural development in the state.

“Sabah under him (Musa) is definitely in rapid progress modem,” Luping told Bernama here.
Luping, a former Deputy Chief Minister during the Usno era, said Musa’s comprehensive strategy, which took into account resources from the state and federal agencies, kick-started his vision for a better and more progressive  Sabah.

“When  Musa took  office, he introduced a blueprint on a strategic state development agenda called ‘Halatuju’, which focused on an aggressive effort to fully realise the state’s tourism, agriculture and manufacturing potentials.

“It is this ‘Halatuju’ that  propelled the three sectors by leaps and bounds  over  the  years. These three economic activities were the key in Musa’s quest to hasten the state’s economic growth and in the process, improved the well-being of the people,” he added. — Bernama

Luping said the significant growth and contributions of the three sectors to the state’s economy were obvious now for everyone to see, with tourism emerging as a rising industry with increasing tourist arrivals and construction of more hotels.

Sabah recorded an all time high of 2.84 million tourists last year, generating a revenue of RM4.98 billion.
There are 450 hotels of various  grades throughout Sabah, offering some 18,000 rooms, and the average occupancy rate is 70 per cent.

Another 6,000 rooms are expected to be made available in time for the  expected arrival of 3.6 million visitors by 2015, said Luping.

In the agricultural sector, he said the emphasis was to enhance food production by increasing domestic production and reducing the state’s dependence on imported food products.

According to Luping, Sabah has about 2.5 million hectares of land suitable for agricultural development and to date, approximately 1.5 million hectares  has been developed.

The agricultural sector contributed RM7.24 billion in revenue in 2010, he said.

Luping said the manufacturing sector was moving at a fast pace with 53 projects approved last year, involving a total capital investments of RM1.5  billion.

“For Sabah and Sabahans, the rapid development took place since  Musa  took over the state’s leadership.

“These developments are there to see. And because of the political stability in the state, foreign investors have been flocking here to invest and the latest statistics is more than RM10 billion,” he said.
This, he said, indicated the foreign investors’ confidence in the state leadership.

Luping expressed gratitude to both the state and federal governments for giving the people the good life and prosperity. — Bernama


Anonymous said...

Despite all the rumours that merely to downgrade Musa, he is the best CM ever.

Anonymous said...

Sabah has progressed a lot under Musa's dynamic leadership.

Anonymous said...

Nampaknya usaha Datuk Musa Aman dalam pengurusan kewangangan dan pemuliharaan alam sekitar telah mendapat pengiktirafan daripada Datuk Herman Luping.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Sam Mannan juga pernah memuji usaha Datuk Musa Aman dalam mengiktiraf Danum Valley sebagai hutan simpanan.

Anonymous said...

We're proud to have a Chief Minister like Musa Aman. hope rakyats will keep give him support.

Peter Sabahan said...

sepanjang 9 tahun pentadbiran Datuk Musa, beliau telah menunjukkan kemampuan beliau dalam membangunkan ekonomi, mengurus kewangan dan mengurus hutan di negeri ini..

Sabah World Heritage
Borneo Bullet

Peter Sabahan said...

rakyat Sabah wajar memberikan kepercayaan kepada Datuk Musa Aman untuk terus mengurus tadbir negeri ini selepas PRU13..

Anonymous said...

Hasil kepimpinan Datuk Musa Aman green ekonomi akan tercapai di Sabah

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