Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Remove Oil Palm Tress along Riparian Reserve - Saddi

Sukau Assemblyman Saddi called on the large number of oil palm trees planted along the riparian reserve in Kinabatangan , particularly in Sukau, to be removed immediately in order to protect the river from pollution. Authorities will take serious action towards errant oil planter that refuse to comply the order.

Irresponsible palm oil mills will be suspended by the State if they keep discharging effluents into Sabah's rivers. Fishermen in Sukau along the river have been complaining that the fish and prawn catches from the river have been depleting and this affected their earnings. Saddi said he has raised the same issue on mills polluting the Kinabatangan river several times in the State Legislative Assembly and called on the relevant authorities to take action on those found committing the offence and destroying the environment, unfortunately no concrete action has been taken. In a related development, he proposed that the inter departmental committee headed by the permanent sec of Masidi's ministry's, Michael Emban, should include the elected people's representatives in the respective areas and the local authorities like the district office; he also recommended that the environmental issues affecting the Kinabatangan be brought up and fully addressed in the committee.


Anonymous said...

Hope that the removal of the oil palm along riparian reserve can help protect the river from pollution.

Anonymous said...

The palm oil mills owners should take the government's effort to protect the rivers from pollution seriously and give cooperation as needed.

Borneo Native said...

cadangan ini perlu dikuat kuasakan serta merta.. mana2 syarikat perladangan yang gagal mematuhi undang2 perlu dikenakan tindakan tegas..

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