Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Desperate to Save the Sumatran Rhonocerous

Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) Director Dr Laurentius said the department is desperate to save the Sumatran Rhinocerous and are still unsuccessful in breeding the animal though they have discussed (the matter) with lots of partners in Sabah and IZW (Institute for Zoo and Wildlife in Berlin, Germany). He said in his opening remarks at the Forum on the Findings of Imbak Canyon 2012 Wildlife Survey held at a resort near here yesterday. Additionally, he said they were also working with their Indonesian counterpart who has recently seen the birth of a rhino calf in June, this year. At the same time, he also mentioned they would like to conduct rhino surveys at Danum Valley. He also commented on issues facing the orangutans and pygmy elephants in Sabah, where a study on the orangutan population at Lower Kinabatangan had been blown out of proportion by NGOs outside of the state. He hopes that the survey will propose like the linkages of those fragmented forest, where the best that can happen is to connect Ulu Segama, Danum Valley, Imbak Canyon and its surrounding areas.

Source: Borneo Post


Anonymous said...

Sabah Wildlife Department must keep on doing research to find out more about Sumateran Rhino's mating habits.

Anonymous said...

China zookeepers lets Panda's watch panda-porn to get them into the mating-mode. Do you think it will work for the Rhino's?

Borneo Native said...

antara semua haiwan liar, rasanya badak sumatera yang paling kritikal..

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