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Top Five Endangered Animals in Malaysia

The population of these animals have been decreasing over the years and some are said to have become extinct.

I’m from Malaysia, a rainforest country where all types of animals are able to live together peacefully – or that was what used to happen many years ago. Now, some of these animals are under serious threat and are facing the possibility of becoming extinct.

Black Shrew
Black Shrew has rarely been seen by human and there is no official record on its size. However, witnesses have estimated the size to be 20 – 100 mm. One recorded specimen was found in Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. Nobody knows whether this creature has extinct or still occupy a small area in the Sabah state of Malaysia. They tend to be aggressive towards each others and are mostly solitary creatures.

Estimated number left in the world = Critically endangered. Might already been extinct.
Sumatran Rhinoceros
Sumatran Rhino is the smallest rhinoceros measuring about 250 centimeters in length and 120-145 centimeters tall (shoulder). It is also much lighter than other rhinos, weighing about 500-800 kilograms. The 2-horned rhino can normally be found in swamps and rainforests of Asia countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and India. However, these solitary animals are facing the threat of extinction due to the poaching of their horns.

Estimated number left in the world = 300
Malayan Tapir
Tapir is a pig-like animal with a short snout. They inhabit the forest regions of South America, Central America and South East Asia. Their closest relatives are the horses and rhinoceroses, and all 4 species have been classified as endangered. In Malaysia, only 1 of the 4 species of tapir exists – the Malayan Tapir. Tapir mainly survive on the forest’s resources such as berries, leaves and fruits. They have not many natural predators in the forest thanks to their thick skin and ability to run fast. As for Malayan Tapir, its strange body colour is often misunderstood as a large rock when lying down. This serves as a good camourflage for the creature. However, their numbers are fast declining due to their habitat loss (establishment of plantations, forest burning and logging), and the hunt for their meat and hide.

Estimated number left in Malaysia (Malayan Tapir) = about 369
Mouse Deer
Mouse Deer or better known as Sang Kancil in one of Malaysia’s folklores, is a small creature about 70 centimeters long, 30-35 centimeters tall (shoulder), and around 5-8 kilograms in weight. That’s the estimated size of the Greater Mouse Deer while the Lesser Mouse Deer species is estimated to weight around 2 kilograms. Mouse deers can only be found in Malaysia, Borneo and parts of Indonesia. They survive mostly on fruits and leaves. They are also believed to be nocturnal creatures.

Estimated number left in the world = No population estimate has been made, but has been classified as Endangered
There are basically 2 species of Orangutan – the critically endangered Sumatran species and also the endangered Bornean species. Both these species could only be found in the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. The name Orangutan is actually derived from the Malay language Orang Hutan which means “forest man”, due to the similarity between the Orangutans’ behavior and those of the human beings. Orangutans are very intelligent creatures, said to be the smartest creature on Earth after human. However, their numbers have been on a decline in the past few decades due to active logging activities and forest fires.

Estimated number left in the world (Sumatran species) = about 7000
Estimated number left in the world (Bornean species) = about 45000 – 69000
There are few other unique looking shrews which have already been classified as extinct due to their habitats being destroyed by human beings. I think it’s time for us to take up a more active role in helping these defenceless animals before more of them become extinct.

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Anonymous said...

It is sad to know that these animals are facing extinction due to human activities. It is time to make some changes in order to preserve them.

Anonymous said...

Amat sedih melihat haiwan liar seperti di atas semakin pupus. Diharapkan SWD boleh membantu memperlindungi spesis-spesis haiwan ini.

Anonymous said...

Banyak agensi kerajaan dan NGO yang sedang berusaha melinungi haiwan liar seperti mewujudkan hutan simpanan untuk dijadikan habitat mereka, koridor yang menguhubungi satu hutan ke hutan yang lain.

Unknown said...

Maka kita perlu berkerjasama menjaga haiwan tersebut daripada berlaku kepupusan.

Sotong Kurita said...

kalau di Sabah, haiwan yang paling kritikal diancam kepupusan ialah Badak Sumatera/Borneo hinggakan NGO terpaksa anjurkan perhimpunan untuk menimbulkan kesedaran dikalangan rakyat untuk sama2 melindungi haiwan ini..

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