Sunday, May 13, 2012

Farm Project at SK St Francis Convent, KK

Sustainable Farming at SK Convent St. Francis, Kota Kinabalu

President of SEPA Wong Tack, Secretary Paul Chang and Consultant of the project Shum went to SK St Francis Convent to witness the corn harvest of the sustainable farming that was started few months ago

The farm project yield a good quality corn harvest.

Headmistress Sim Cho Kein, teachers and students join together to harvest the organic corn and taste the first hand quality.

Wong Tack and Paul also gave few organic corn yield for sampling to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah YB Datuk Masidi Manjun and his Permanent Secretary Datuk Michael Emban

SEPA would like to thank to SK St Francis Convent Headmistress Sim Cho Kein, Teachers and Students for their good respond of this sustainable farm project and hope the health awareness of organic vegetables benefits can be applied to their everyday life



ferlo said...

ini dpt melatih pelajar dalam ilmu pertanian.

Green Sabah said...

Ya, youngsters nowadays are not so interested in agriculture anymore, this will help encourage them to go into this field.

Moktar said...

Very good job from the St. Francis Convent students and teachers in this sustainable farming project. No wonder it has gotten the attention of SEPA president Wong Tack.

Moktar said...

This sort of farming project is an interesting way to introduce sustainable agriculture to the young students, especially for those who lived in the city without any knowledge of food planting and harvesting.

Moktar said...

Mungkin Sekolah-sekolah lain juga akan turut mengikuti aktiviti penanaman ini di kawasan sekolah. Bolehlah dijadikan satu aktiviti ko-kurikulum yang bukan sahaja menarik tetapi berfaedah juga.

Anna said...

You reap what you sow, all the hard work have finally paid off when they taste the harvest.

Jeff Ambuyat said...

I think better for the school to educate their students not only in farming and harvesting, but also in marketing..

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