Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pet abusers to face stiffer penalty, including jail

PETALING JAYA: Pet abusers, be warned! You may find yourselves confined in a 'kennel' of a different kind - the prison - under a proposed amendment to the existing Animal Act 1953 (Revised 2006).
This is the penalty which awaits pet abusers under the proposal, said Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Deputy Minister Datuk Chua Tee Yong, adding that they could also be slapped with a higher penalty.
He said the ministry would consult the relevant parties, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs), industry players and the public to get their input before a final decision was made on the proposal.
Chua noted that the current act was insufficient to meet the requirement of animal welfare due to the current times and lifestyles of the pet owners.
"We will include a lot of things which are not inside the Animal Welfare 1953 Act as times have changed.
"More requirement and a new lifestyle of the pet owners also need to be taken into consideration, especially involving animal abuse,” he said.
"As for now, we are looking to increase the current penalty for pet abuse from RM200 to RM50,000 and of course, it must include the jail term meted out by the court," he said.
The deputy minister was speaking to reporters after officiating the 10th Graduation Ceremony of Canine Obedience Training at the Central Park Bandar Utama here.
The outdoor community project on dog obedience and agility training programme was organised by the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation to nurture, develop human-animal bond and socialise the pets with their owners.
Chua said the ministry would also be coming up with few initiatives to develop a fine caring society towards animals, including introducing the Animal Welfare Guidelines for pets and livestocks owners to assist them with the best practices on handling pets and livestock.
The ministry was also looking at developing an accredition system in terms of corporation of animal welfare for pet shops and breeding centres, he said.- Bernama

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Anak Sabah said...

Diharapkan kerajaan akan melaksanakan undang-undang yang tegas terhadap mereka yang terlibat, tidak patut membiarkan sahaja perkara macam ini.

Anak Sabah said...

Baguslah jika sama dinaikkan dari RM200 ke RM50,000. Lebih baik lagi jika hukuman penjara dikenakan juga.

Green Sabah said...

Agree completely, those who abuse animals should be given jail sentence, the laws are not strict enough to prevent these things from happening. But I'm glad the fines will be raised to RM50,000, hope that this can get their attention.

Green Sabah said...

Any animal or pet abuse cases can also be reported to the Kota Kinabalu SPCA, they will send someone to investigate the claims and take actions to save those abused animals.

mantera said...

haiwan jg hidupan, ia juga harus dilindungi, jgnlah kita menyeksanya.

Green Sabah said...

True, mantera. We should not allowed animal abuse to go unnoticed, hopefully the stricter law and heavier fine will prevent more cases of animal abuses within the states.

Anonymous said...

Mereka yang mendera haiwan peliharaan patut dipenjarakan.

Azroy said...

bagaimana pula dengan haiwan peliharaan yang dibiarkan berkeliaran yang akhirnya mati dilanggar kenderaan?? adakah empunya haiwan peliharaan ini yang dikenakan tindakan atau pengguna jalanraya yang melanggar haiwan itu??

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