Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keeping it Clean and Green

MALAYSIA is known to have some of the best tourist spots in the world. Be it the rainforest or skyscrapers in the city, Malaysia is filled with wonderful sights. In line with this, the Tourism Ministry launched the 1Malaysia Green 1Malaysia Clean Campaign (1MG1MC) last July. The idea, mooted by Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen, aims to create greater awareness on preserving the beauty and cleanliness of the country.
“We must protect, preserve and conserve the environment,” stresses Dr Ng.
To ensure success of the campaign, the ministry is working with the Housing and Local Government, Youth and Sports, Education as well as the Natural Resources and Environment Ministries.
“The campaign is now at the initial stage and the ministry plans to make it bigger and broader this year. Hence, we are working with many parties to ensure the campaign will be a big success,” says Arif Mohd Daud Mohd, director of the industry development division at the ministry.
Some of the activities and programmes which have been carried out include:
> Plant A Tree project at ministry-registered homestays, to encourage tourists to cultivate trees at places where they had stayed.
> Gotong-royong activities at tourist spots such as beaches, waterfalls, parks and gardens.
> Activities promoting the 1MG1MC campaign at tourism events such as the Water Festival in Labuan, Langkawi in Kedah and Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan; 1Malaysia International Night Tourism Floral Parade in Putrajaya; Youth Tourism Carnival in Putrajaya; Parks and Garden Carnival in Penang Botanic Garden; and LIMA Tourism Carnival 2011 in Langkawi, Kedah.
> Collaboration with the private sector, media and non-governmental organisations in cleanliness and environmental awareness programmes such as Start in Pulau Tioman in Johor, Project Revive, 1MG1MC Boot Camp and Save Our Waterfall.
> A special TV programme for children featuring the campaign mascot “Mr Bin” to create awareness among children on the importance of keeping the environment clean.
> Collaboration with print and electronic media to publicise the 1MG1MC campaign.
Daud says the ministry plans to bring the campaign to a bigger platform this year. Cleaning efforts at tourist spots with NGOs, the corporate sector and schools will be more frequent. It will work with other groups, both governmental and private, as well as youths in higher education institutions, to spread the message on a greener and cleaner country.
To enhance the campaign, the ministry has launched the 1malay website, which highlights and addresses issues pertaining to cleanliness and dirty tourist spots. The website also allows the public and tourists to upload pictures of popular destinations.
Another effort undertaken by the Ministry is to link up with some 36,000 students of 674 secondary schools nationwide which are registered under its Students Tourism Club (Kelab Pelancongan Pelajar or Kelab 3P).
“The mindset of the young should be shaped as they can influence their parents to think green when it comes to recycling and creating a cleaner and healthier lifestyle,” says Daud.
Recently, the Kelab 3P lined up several activities related to 1MG1MC, including a 3P Carnival which saw students competing in public speaking, choir and “explorace”. The 1MG1MC campaign is an excellent initiative to educate the young to keep the country clean, as well as promote the country’s tourism industry.

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